Global One is super excited to finally launch Pinspire today!

Global One is super excited to finally launch Pinspire today!

Purchase a pin today to help an orphan girl in Bangladesh secure a brighter future and break away from the cycle of poverty!

Global One is super excited to finally launch Pinspire today!!

Global One is selling Pinspire’s beautiful hand-made hijab pins and shawl broaches!

Pinspire volunteers currently design, make and sell these pins within the local Bangladeshi community. The raised funds enable 26 orphan girls in Bangladesh to receive private tuition ensuring access to quality education. While 60% of money raised facilitates access to educational opportunities, the remaining 40% is fed back into the project for the materials required for pin production – this is therefore self-sustaining and all proceeds directly cover educational fees or are reinvested to maintain the initiative itself.


Thanks to Global One’s support, the pins will reach a broader audience and increase the funds raised, in turn accelerating the girls’ access to higher quality education.

Purchase a pin today to help an orphan girl in Bangladesh secure a brighter future and break away from the cycle of poverty!

To purchase a pin please follow the link to Global One’s shop here:



A 14 year old’s heart-wrenching tale from Beqaa Valley

A 14 year old’s heart-wrenching tale from Beqaa Valley

This Menstrual Hygiene Day we reflect on the courage and strength from the girls and women we met during our recent hygiene pack distribution to Lebanon’s largest Syrian refugee camp in Beqaa Valley.

When you stand in Bar Elias, Beqaa Valley , you can look across the mountains to Syria. Bekaa Valley is home to the largest population of the 2.2 million Syrian refugees currently living in camps in Lebanon.

Syrian refugees have fled war-torn Syria with a few of their belongings and the realization that their lives will never be the same. We were in Bar Elias and other refugee camps in early May to distribute the 700 female hygiene packs that you generously donated, taking crucial items directly to girls and women in need.

On our trip in Beqaa Valley, we met many incredible women. Their stories were heart-wrenching, but their strength and courage was inspiring. Each tent had a different story to tell.

The heart-wrenching story of Fatima

In the very first tent, we met 14 year old Fatima and her mother. The two of them traveled to Lebanon with their father two years ago. Fatima told us about how they all lived in a large apartment in Syria and were extremely close with their grandparents, cousins, and aunts and uncles.

The day her family fled Syria is a day that young Fatima will never forget. She tells us how they went to visit her grandfather after school who had recently been released from hospital. After making sure he was okay, Fatima and her parents left the house to return home for dinner. They had only walked a few paces when a bomb fell on her beloved grandfather’s house, killing all of her extended family.

The family managed to escape Syria with very few belongings, and after to resettle in a refugee camp in Lebanon.

When we met Fatima and her mother and handed them the female hygiene pack, Fatima broke down in tears and revealed that they hadn’t had underwear since they left their home two years ago. The most basic of items, without which girls and women feel they have lost their dignity.

“I wish I had died in the attack that killed my family…” she said.

The absence of undergarments and feminine hygiene products has made Fatima’s life extremely difficult.

Please continue to support refugee women and girls like Fatima this #MHDay and provide them hope by sponsoring our hygiene packs. Find out more about our Hygiene Packs Project by clicking here.

Empower through Education

Empower through Education

On Saturday 28th January, Global One hosted an evening of inspiration with multi-talented Qari Ziyaad Patel, Qu’ran reciter, nasheed artist and humanitarian from South Africa in a bid to engage the local community to empower through education the next generation.

The event, held at MCEC, Palmers Green Mosque, focused on how to inspire the youth to take an active role in leadership during the challenging times we face.

In his heartfelt talk, Qari Ziyaad drew parallels between the time of the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) and trials the Muslim community currently face and how we should source solutions by looking towards the prophetic example and how the blessed Prophet (PBUH) supported his companions during difficult situations.

Qari Ziyaad also acknowledged the importance of charity beginning at home and emphasised the responsibility of the local and wider community in providing opportunities to young people to help harness their potential and promote positive change.

Empower through education: a must for GO!

Empower through education the next generation is integral to GO, and Qari Ziyaad highlighted the importance of knowledge as a tool of empowering. “The best way to empower is through education!”

Through our many projects, GO has been able to promote positive behavioural change. Our Islamic Farming project in Kenya has educated rural communities to implement sustainable farming techniques that not only support whole families and send their children to school, but also connect them to their Islamic duty of caring for the earth and preserving our planet. Click here to find out more about this project.

EVENT: Empowering the Next Generation – 28th January 2017

EVENT: Empowering the Next Generation – 28th January 2017

MCEC and Global One would like you to join us on Saturday 28th January 2017 at 5:00pm at Palmers Green Mosque for an evening of inspiration – how to empower the next generation to take an active role in leadership – with special guest Qari Ziyaad Patel, reciter of the Noble Qur’an, nasheed artist and humanitarian from South Africa.

Brothers will be in the main prayer hall while sisters will be upstairs, and refreshments will be available.

Discover the heart-trembling recitation of Qari Ziyaad Patel below.

For more information, please email or

We look forward to seeing you there!

NGO Recruitment Opportunity : MADE Executive Director

NGO Recruitment Opportunity : MADE Executive Director

MADE is a Muslim-led movement of young people who want to see our community leading the fight against global poverty and injustice. Our response to the world’s poverty, human rights and environmental issues is rooted in the Islamic traditions of social action, justice and environmental stewardship. We encourage young people to take ownership of their role to create change for a world free from injustice and poverty.

We work with NGOs, campaign agencies, Muslim schools, madrasahs and other community organisations to educate and run dynamic campaigns on social and environmental justice issues. MADE was set up in 2009 and some of our key successes include: – Creating a unique global education curriculum working with over 50 Muslim schools and youth groups – Launching a Green Mosque award scheme engaging over 30 mosques and Islamic groups – Co-founding Muslim Climate Action, a coalition of Muslim organisations working to tackle climate change Our Executive Director and Co-Founder, Sarah Javaid is stepping down to give time to her young family. This is a time of transition for MADE and we are now looking to recruit a dynamic Executive Director who can build on MADE’s solid foundation and bring fresh ideas to take MADE on the next stage of its journey.

We are looking for someone who is:

  • Committed to inspiring and enabling British Muslim youth to create positive social change in the UK and globally
  • Has strong leadership qualities and is able to bring new relationships and opportunities to take MADE’s work and vision forward
  • Welcomes a challenge and willing to work hands-on with a small team to achieve results
  • Proven track record of raising funds and generating income in a variety of ways
  • Ideally can demonstrate experience of leading or working in senior management in a start-up

This is an exciting opportunity to lead a unique and much needed organisation, supported by a positive and engaged board of Trustees.

I look forward to receiving your application.

Faaria, Chair, MADE

International Youth Day (12th August): The Road to 2030- Eradicating Poverty and Achieving Sustainable Consumption and Production

International Youth Day (12th August): The Road to 2030- Eradicating Poverty and Achieving Sustainable Consumption and Production

Mankind has consumed more natural resources in the previous five decades than in the rest of human history. ‘Earth Overshoot Day’ is the date at which our demand on the planet exceeds the amount of resources which can regenerate in one year. This year it fell on the 8th of August- the earliest date yet. Our consumption of natural resources is clearly unsustainable, and some of the world’s largest consumers are people in developed countries.

This year’s International Youth Day on the 12th of August focuses on the influential role that young people have in ensuring poverty eradication and achieving sustainable consumption and production. Sustainable consumption means using products and services in a way that meets the basic needs of communities without compromising the needs and quality of life of future generations. A shift towards more sustainable consumption requires action at multiple levels to encourage individuals and households to reconsider their consumer choices. 

Mass media is one of the most significant factors influencing youth consumption. Young people are likely to have seen at least 350,000 television advertisements by the time they leave secondary school. However, although youth may be vulnerable to peer pressure and increasingly unable to escape mass marketing, they can also be the key change in society.

Youth today have more potential to have a meaningful impact in both global and local capacities than in any previous generation. They are influential members within many households and need to be empowered and encouraged to act as agents of change. Young people will also be more likely to experience the consequences of environmental decisions than their elders will. Nevertheless, younger members of society are systematically excluded from decision-making processes, and consequently these new perspectives are excluded.

Whilst voting is one way to make your thoughts heard, there are many other ways in which youth can influence policy-making, promote environmental awareness and lead the way to poverty eradication. By educating their peers about issues they care about, youth can raise awareness and inspire people to implement change. Social media can be used as effective tools for public awareness campaigns as information can spread quickly online through blogs and social network sites. Notable examples of ‘hashtag activism’ through social media include the #BlackLivesMatter and the #RefugeesWelcome movements. These have translated into effective action including demonstrations and protests, and have enabled young people from all over the world to be involved in conversations that they would otherwise have been excluded from.

Consumer boycotts are a simple and effective method that anyone can be involved in to protest against the ethics or environmental impact of certain products and services. Almost 90% of young people live in developed countries, and people under 20 years of age represent 40% of the global population. They make up a large proportion of total consumption expenditure in affluent societies and as a result, they possess substantial power over the market. Writing letters to companies whose practices are unfair, unethical or problematic can also encourage those organisations to reconsider their impact on people and the environment.

Volunteering and fundraising are effective and reliable ways for youth to contribute to a charity, community or movement. The rate of volunteering amongst people between the ages of 16 and 25 has increased substantially over the last few years, and it benefits the individual through the development of new and existing skills whilst making a difference to the environment and the lives of others.

Throughout history, the world has been changed by the actions of young people in causes including voting rights, civil rights, feminism and environmental justice. At Global One, we are centred around a core team of passionate and committed young people who are dedicated to alleviating poverty and securing a fairer and more sustainable future. We are always looking for volunteers and fundraisers, so for more information on how you can support us and make a difference this International Youth Day please visit