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The Green Hajj

A guide to green practices during hajj

As part of the Ummah for Earth Alliance [U4E], Global One launched the Green Guide and App to the Hajj and Umrah during a virtual Zoom event from 12-1.30 PM (BST).

This second version of the Green Guide for Hajj and Umrah has come 10 years after the first version was launched in Assisi, Italy under the auspices of ARC, the Alliance of Religion and Conservation.

This guide will be a vital contribution considering the climate catastrophe that is approaching us. Its teachings of Islam concerning the conservation of the environment during the Hajj, Umrah and in our everyday lives will be a springboard for more environmental activism.

The guide provides recommendations for individuals, communities, governments and institutions to enable a greener pilgrimage as well as encourage more sustainability in our everyday lives as a collective.

“The earth is green and beautiful and Allah has appointed you his stewards over it.”

spoke the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) centuries ago when humankind had not even identified issues as CO2 or greenhouse gasses, where Veganism was a common cultural practice rather than a high class millennial lifestyle. The holy scripts of the Qu’ran may have reached us at times before technological advancements, yet, it does not cut short on sustainable impositions. It demands its followers to avoid an excessive and wasteful lifestyle, with consideration to the biodiversity.

Verses such as “And eat and drink, but waste not by excess, For Allah loveth not the wasters” set the stone for what has today been identified by international treaties (Paris Agreement 2015) and UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 8.4).

Global One’s founder Dr Husna raises awareness on sustainability under the legacies of Islam to introduce a guide to green practices during hajj. These include recommendations to waste management, public transport and sensible energy consumption in order to reduce our individual carbon footprint during Hajj.

For more information, please, find the document here: The Green Guide for Hajj.

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