Pregnancy and childbirth are some of the most painful and difficult experiences that a woman can go through.

In refugee camps, women don’t have access to the basic services and conditions that we take for granted. After being forced to flee their homes, refugees face a terrifying and uncertain future. Pregnant women have no choice but to give birth without medical supervision or even the presence of family members.

These mothers must choose between risking health complications or travelling vast distances and facing high healthcare costs just to receive maternal and neo-natal care. The anxiety of childbirth can often become worse once the baby is born.

Our Impact

We provided life-saving resources to Syrian mothers in Lebanon through our Box for Lifecampaign. We gave mothers and babiesthe essentials they needed for a healthy start in life.

Each box included nutritional and oral rehydration supplements, reusable nappies, baby wipes, baby grows, a blanket, breastfeeding supplements, nursing pads, sanitary pads, an insect net, sterilisation fluid and cleaning and hygiene products for both mother and baby.

We also provided resources to train local women to become midwives as well as manuals on how to produce reusable nappies, preventing health complications among newborns.

Each box also doubled up as a cot, providing a safe and portable way for babies to sleep.