Diaspora Engagement with Polio Eradication in Pakistan

With the unabating threat of Polio in Pakistan, the rising urgency of the situation, and as a Muslim majority country, the need to engage Muslims in exploring innovative ways of eradicating the disease has become increasingly pressing.

Global One is working towards doing the following:

  1. Support UK Muslim faith leaders to depoliticise the issue and clarify the Muslim legal position on Polio eradication with the aim of a) producing teaching resources on polio, vaccines and the permissibility of modern treatment methods for use at religious colleges and institutions b) Transfer of knowledge with affiliated religious institutions and teachers in Pakistan through sharing of materials produced
  2. Mobilise Pakistani diaspora women as ambassadors with the aim of building support for women health workers in Pakistan and creating a common public understanding of the role and contributions of Pakistani women in the eradication initiative (health workers, mothers and daughters, public personalities)
  3. Form a coalition of diaspora stakeholders (including NGOs, faith leaders, policy-makers and medical/public health professionals) to identify ways in which diaspora efforts can contribute to the polio eradication initiative in Pakistan
  4. Hold a UK Conference to create awareness and impetus around Polio among UK Pakistani diaspora in order to place it higher on the agenda with the aim of a) presenting a strategy and roadmap for diaspora-country collaboration b) Securing commitment for support on polio eradication initiative from cross-sector diaspora stakeholders

Islam and Public Health Documents

We have a range of resources on public health available for download, including a factsheet and khutbah templates focusing on Islamic teachings on health promotion, keeping in mind the importance of preventative health and vaccinations.

Download the resources below: