This is an urgent appeal to help save thousands of Rohingyan refugees who are currently fleeing their homes in fear of persecution.

The United Nations claim that the Rohingyan Muslim minority group are the most persecuted minority in the world. There are approximately 1.1 million Rohingya people living in Myanmar. Most live in the Rakhine state and have been for decades, but it has not been an easy ride. There has been ethnic tensions between the Muslim Rohingyas and the Budhist Burmese, and many people in Myanmar believe that they are illegal immigrants. The Myanmar government also treats them as stateless people, denying them citizenship. Consequently this restricts thousands of Rohingyan Muslims from accessing basic medical care, education and other services.

The emergency

25th August saw the tensions between the Myanmar government reached crisis point with Rohingya militants. 71 people, including 12 members of the Myanmar security forces, were attacked and killed by Rohingya militants, in the bloodiest attack since conflict broke out last year. Since then the bloodshed has not stopped between both groups; 40 bodies  (probably Rohingya women and children) washed up on a Bangladesh riverbank earlier this month.

Hundreds have been reported dead or missing – many of them young children. Rohingya refugees have reported that they have had their homes burned down. This of course has led 123,000 people to flee their homes and their livelihood in search of refuge in the neighboring state of Bangladesh, according to the UN. Hundreds have drowned in attempts to cross the Naf river. Those who have made it to the border are having to walk for days, hiding in jungles, crossing mountains and river to reach the camps. Hence, there are hundreds of vulnerable people without food and life-saving medicine. Those who have found refuge in camps are still lacking basic provisions, as many camps are full and unable to provide the needed supplies.

Our impact in the Rohingyan crisis

 rohingyanGlobal One is one of the few international agencies that have permission to operate on ground,  and coordinates the emergency response with the International Organisation of Migration.

Earlier in 2017, Global One Country Office in Bangladesh distributed food packages to approximately 20 000 distressed Rohingyas living in Letha makeshift settlement in Teknaf, Nayapara, Kutupulong and Balukhali in Cox’s Bazar. We believe with our current knowledge and access we can really make a difference.

This is why we need your urgent help – thousands of young children are malnourished! By simply donating £10, you will help provide essential survival items, such as basic food, water purification sachets, medicines and hygiene equipment. Your kind donation will provide a family of 5 the basic necessities to survive! Here is a list of some of the supplies we will be distributing:

  • Food and water supplies lasting at least a month (rice, flour, oil, lentil, sugar, potatoes, water purification sachets, pots and pans, etc.)
  • Health and hygiene (doctor’s fees, medicines, water purification sachets, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, menstrual management products, etc.)
  • Clothes and blankets
  • Shelters (tents)

Out of each £10 we fundraise, £8 will go straight towards emergency supplies, and the other £2 we will reinvest in fundraising and managing the project.

Please help us with our appeal! You have the power to make a difference!