Women and Girls

Women & Girls

Women around the world face a daily struggle for equality, with hurdles such as poverty, disaster and displacement, lack of education and gender-based violence.
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Women and Girls

Empower Women and Girls

Women across Asia and Africa battle daily struggles for equality as they face poverty, violence and lack of basic care. Help women gain a better quality of life by donating today.
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Dignity Kit

Female Dignity Kits



Mother and Baby Box


Food Pack

Orphan & Widow Food Pack



Orphan Girl Sponsorship

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Tube Well

Tube Well

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Health post

Cancer Screening Camps


When conditions worsen in poor communities, they worsen far more for women at a faster speed and a higher rate. In crisis circumstances, many women are left widowed making them the sole providers for their families but unable to provide for them.

Increased demand for water means 200 million women and children spend over 8 hours a day seeking water from far from their homes and putting them at increased risk for violence. Lack of cleanliness impacts their feminine hygiene and dignity while access to education for 130 million teenage girls is just a dream. 

Global One is working to help empower women and girls in crisis hit and poverty-stricken communities. We are providing thousands of dignity kits, giving them essentials like sanitary pads and underwear. We are sponsoring Orphan girls to give them a better chance at life, providing all-around holistic care and access to education. As well as providing water wells to communities allowing women and girls to spend more time in education and work so they can break out of the cycle of poverty.

Support our work with women and girls across the world and play an important part in putting an end to the discrimination and harmful practices that they face.

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“The men believers and the women believers are responsible for each other….”

Quran 9:71

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Global One are working with women and communities to make a change and provide immediate and sustainable solutions for women and girls in crisis hit and poverty-stricken locations.

Dignity Kits

These kits consist of hygiene and sanitation products, everything that a woman should need to manage her period in a hygienic way, allowing girls to feel safe and clean in school and home. 

Orphan Sponsorship

Our Orphan sponsorship provides holistic care as well as access to education, giving them the opportunity to build a bright future for themselves.

Tube Wells

Our tube wells provide women and communities in south Asia access to clean safe water for better cleanliness. Constructed within their homes or villages, it reduces the time they spend walking for water, which in turn gives them the time to attend school, develop a skill and earn a living.

Cancer Screening

 Global One has been delivering comprehensive health care projects globally for women and adolescent girls, covering more than 24,000 patients per year. This project raises awareness of breast and cervical cancer and diagnoses as many women as possible, in order to prevent unnecessary deaths.

Donate to empower women and girls today.

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