Provide Food

Provide Food

Hundreds of Millions across the world go to sleep hungry every night, with your help we can improve food security with food packs and nutritious meals from just £1.
£ 492.60

Provide Food

100% Zakat
    Food Packs

    30 meals

    Food Pack

    30 meals every month

    £30.00 / month
    Food Packs

    365 meals for a year

    Food Pack

    Orphan & Widow Food Pack

    Food Pack

    Family Food Pack

    Zakat ul Fitr

    Food Pack every month

    £50.00 / month
    UK Meals

    30 meals in the UK


    Farming Equipment


    Farming training


Eradicating hunger and malnutrition is one of the worlds greatest challenges. 821 Million people go to sleep on an empty stomach each night, that’s 1 in 9 people across the world. Hunger cripples lives and threatens futures. Communities are starved, people are left ill and weak, thus unable to work and support their families meaning they remain trapped in the cycle of poverty.

Global One is working with partners across 12 countries in Asia, Africa and the Middle East to provide vital, nutritious food to those communities that so desperately need it, such as communal community feedings and live saving food packs able to feed a family of 5 for a month.

Through your generous donations, we can provide food to struggling communities. £50 can help provide one family with food pack for a month, or £30 a month can provide a meal a day, ensuring we meet the needs of even more people around the world. Donate now.

“He is not a believer who fills his stomach while his neighbour goes hungry.”


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Hundreds of millions around the world still go day by day without even a single sufficient meal and more children are dying each year from malnutrition, than malaria, aids and tuberculosis combined. 

Each day, millions of across the world face incredible hardship. Struggling to survive, they are victims due to war, drought, famine & displacement, natural disasters or lack of sufficient healthcare.

1 in 9 People

go to sleep hungry each night

3.1 million

children under 5 die each year due to poor nutrition

120 million

women in developing countries are underweight

Relentless hunger weakens immune systems and leaves people vulnerable to infection, disease and death.

Global One will be delivering food packs for women, children and vulnerable communities across the following countries;

Balkans: Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia

Middle East: Jordan, Yemen, Lebanon

South Asia: Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka

Sub Saharan Africa: Kenya, Nigeria, Somalia

Provide food support by helping us deliver more to those in need. Donate today.

Global One is working with partners to improve food security and provide lifesaving nutritious food to those who need it.


We provide hot, cooked nutritious food based on local cuisines to vulnerable people through community kitchens and local community distributions.

Family food packs

Each pack contains a month’s supply of food items for a family of 5 including staple items such as rice, bread, long life milk, tinned food, oil and sugar. Each pack designed to local diets.

Global emergencies

We provide emergency lifesaving food packs in response to global emergencies where people have been impacted, homes have been destroyed, supply of food have been affected or prices have steeply risen.

Community feeding

We partner with organisations and institutions to support hot nutritious meals where community gatherings are taking place ensuring far effective and efficient reach of our distribution.


We work to provide sustainable long-term food solutions for communities in need, by providing tools and training in agricultural practices and techniques allowing women and girls within those communities to build their own sustainable futures.


We also distribute fresh meat during Qurbani to offer a vital protein source for malnourished families.

By supporting Global One, you’ll be helping to feed families and fight food poverty, ensuring less people are going to bed each night on an empty stomach. 

By providing food support, you’ll be crucially saving lives. Donate today.

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