Protect Mothers and Babies

Mothers and Babies

Malnutrition and poor primary healthcare, have increased the risks for women in developing countries, during pregnancy and childbirth.
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Protect Mothers and Babies

Protect Mothers and Babies

Malnutrition and poor primary healthcare, have increased the risks for women in developing countries, during pregnancy and childbirth.
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Health inequality around the world, leads to 810 Women dying every day from complications related to pregnancy and childbirth. That’s nearly 1 woman every 2 minutes. Further to that, 5.4 million children under the age of five die each year and the risk of infantile death, is eight times higher in Africa, than it is in Europe.

Across areas of extreme poverty and within refugee camps, the health of thousands of pregnant women, new mothers and babies are at risk. With over half of the world’s population living without access to essential healthcare services, expectant mothers and children are facing the most dangerous of conditions.

At Global One, we are committed to giving pregnant women and new-born babies a better chance of survival. Our vital Mother and Baby Box4Life, is a survival kit for mothers and babies living under these poor conditions and provides essentials necessary for the first 6-month period after childbirth. We acquire and refurbish baby incubators in developing countries, which help maintain ideal environmental conditions, suitable for a premature or ill baby. We also provide primary maternal health support, which helps women by improving healthcare facilities, establishing delivery rooms and training medical staff.

Almost all global maternal deaths are preventable, by ensuring women have access to qualityrespectful, and equitable maternity care. Too few women have the access they need. You can help make the change, by helping us protect mothers and babies in the developing world from as little as providing a Box4Life for just £99.

And We have enjoined upon man, to his parents, good treatment. His mother carried him with hardship and gave birth to him with hardship

Quran 46:15

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Lack of access to good quality healthcare is fundamentally responsible for the vast majority of maternal deaths. In addition, many premature births and related deaths occur in developing countries due to infections, malaria and HIV. The high levels of teenage pregnancy also impacts this problem. In poor countries, just 10% of babies born before 28 weeks live, whereas in rich countries, 90% survive. Therefore, health inequality is key to the problem.

99% of maternal deaths

occur in developing countries

810 Women

die each day from preventable causes

1 million

children are left motherless every year

The solution is simple, we need to provide new and expectant women with better and more accessible healthcare.

Global One is working to improve maternal health for Women and Babies in developing countries, to reduce the impact of poor access to healthcare.


Our Box4Life, provides practical health supplies for mothers and babies, crucial for the first 6 month period. Items include breast-feeding supplements, ointment, paracetamol, oral re-hydration supplements, baby clothes reusable nappies, mosquito nets and toothbrushes. Each box also doubles-up as a cot, to provide a safe and portable way for babies to sleep comfortably.

Maternal Health

In order to improve the troubling state of mothers’ health and mothers’ health care, we have created an inclusive approach to maternal health. Global One has improved two primary healthcare facilities in Nigeria, establishing delivery rooms and training medical staff. With our support, these facilities can perform key maternal health checks through pregnancy and after birth.

Baby Incubators

We acquire and refurbish a number of incubators in developing countries. These incubators allow babies to be kept in a sterile environment, so that they are protected from germs, minimising the risk of infection. This is particularly important in many refugee settings where conditions are less than ideal for new-born babies.

Due to the conditions in impoverished communities around the developing world, pregnant women often have no choice, but to give birth without medical assistance. As a result, they are not receiving help from midwives to provide pain relief, or pre and post-birth care, resulting in painful and sometimes problematic childbirth.

Malnutrition and poor primary healthcare have increased the risks for women in pregnancy and childbirth.

You can make a difference with Global One, saving not just one life but two!

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