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If you are unable to fast during Ramadan, or deliberately miss a fast then it is compulsory to make up for it or compensate for it by feeding the poor.
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Fidya is an obligatory compensation that must be paid if you are unable to fast during the holy month of Ramadan. Fidya is due if you are unable to complete a fast because of a valid reason, such as medical conditions, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and travelling.

It costs £4 for each missed fast, which equates to providing one person with two meals for one full day or two people with one meal each. If you are unable to fast for the full duration of Ramadan, then the total Fidya you must pay is £120.

Kaffarah is an obligatory penalty that must be paid for deliberately missing a fast during the holy month of Ramadan, without a valid reason.

If you deliberately miss or break your fast, you are liable to pay Kaffarah, you must make this up by either fasting for 60 continuous days or by feeding 60 people in need. This would be at the daily Fidya rate per person of £4, making the full Kaffarah for one broken or deliberately missed fast as £240.

Both Fidya and Kaffarah are compulsory payments for all Muslims who are eligible to take part in fasting during Ramadan.

At Global One, your Fidya and Kaffarah will go directly to those who need it most, through our Provide Food appeal where we provide hot nutritious meal to vulnerable communities in 14 countries across the world.

By donating your Fidya and Kaffarah, you can be sure that your donations will be used to provide women, children and vulnerable communities, hot nutritious meals.

“The prescribed fast is for a certain number of days. Whoever among you does not fast on those days because you are sick or on a journey, then (you should fast) the same number of days on other days. Those who are able to fast are also required to pay a fee (which is equivalent to the cost) of feeding a desperate person.”

Quran 2:184

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