Coronavirus Emergency

Coronavirus Emergency

Millions of lives at at risk in refugee camps across the World due to Coronavirus. Help us protect the most vulnerable communities by sending essential aid in the form of Food, Hygiene kits and essential Medical supplies from £50.
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Goal : £ 50,000.00
£ 30,466.20

Coronavirus Emergency

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    Hygiene Kits

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    Food Packs


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    Refugee Tent

    Medical Equipment

    Medical Equipment


There is a second wave coming. Coronavirus has affected over 107.5 Million people, resulting in 2.3 Million deaths across more than 218 countries so far. Numbers are increasing daily across the World. There are still many millions who are at risk of illness and death, none more than refugees and those living in poverty. 

Global One is working to protect Women, children and the elderly in the world’s most vulnerable regions. Global One aims to support Palestinian and Syrian Refugees, as well as Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, as well as at home here in the UK. We are helping to prevent the spread of Coronavirus by supplying vital hygiene kits, educating communities on good hygiene measures and providing much needed food packs to help them survive the lockdowns.

Coronavirus has claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands already. COVID-19 will be devastating for people living in fragile places like conflict zones, refugee camps, and slums, where communities are already struggling to survive.

Limit the impact of this deadly virus, donate now and save lives.

“Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.”


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There are millions of people, poverty stricken and living in vulnerable communities around the world with inadequate medical facilities. Self-isolating without resources, washing their hands, and getting to a health centre if they are in need, is near enough impossible. The risk of serious illness and death from the virus is even higher for them.

107.5 million

worldwide cases


countries impacted


deaths due to COVID-19

These figures are rising every hour of every day. We need to help extremely vulnerable people get prepared and stay safe.


9 years of conflict has resulted in over 4.8 million people fleeing Syria and are now living in overpacked refugee camps, in neighbouring countries like Jordan and Turkey, with little access to any adequate medical facilities. Many are women who have been widowed, left looking after young children.


Five years of civil war and conflict, has left millions malnourished and has crippled the countries health facilities. According to the UK Government, Coronavirus cases may have already passed 1 million, and aid organisations have warned, the country’s health system is ill-equipped to handle the crisis. The UN warns that the coronavirus pandemic could wipe Yemen off the map.


Decades of conflict and oppression has left people either living in one of the most densely populated areas on earth making social distancing an impossible task, or living in makeshift camps in Lebanon and Jordan, where unsanitary conditions leave it a perfect breeding ground for the virus to spread.


2 years ago, over one million people fled to Bangladesh to escape the violence in their home country. Now they live in one of the world’s largest and most densely populated refugee camps. Surviving the virus outbreak will be impossible without basic healthcare and sanitation facilities. Children roaming the camps with little to do, make the chances of a spread much more likely.


There are over 1.5 million elderly and those with underlying health problems who are most at risk from the virus. Lockdowns and social distancing mean they have been left with little support mechanisms.

As the coronavirus spreads, there is growing concern that places like Syria, Yemen, Palestine and Rohingya are likely to face a major outbreak not comparable with what we see in the UK and Europe, which would be catastrophic.

Global One is working with local partners to provide people in need with Hygiene Kits and Food Packs, whilst also raising awareness of how to prevent the spread of the virus.

Hygiene Kits

Packs for a family that include items such as hand sanitiser, soap, face masks, disposable gloves and disinfectant.

Food packs

Food items for a family of 5, with healthy and locally sourced produce, enough to last a month.

Refugee Tent

Providing new UNHCR standard tents for refugees to protect them from the elements during isolation.

Education and awareness

Easy to read packs in each country’s language, as well as training sessions on hand washing, good hygiene and safe isolation.

This is a serious health emergency. There is no time to waste. Help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus by sending essential aid to the most vulnerable communities. 

Donate a Hygiene Kit or Food Pack to stop the spread and help protect those at risk.

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