The Rohingya Crisis has been called genocide, ethnic cleansing, and apartheid. Hundreds of people have been shot and burned alive. These crimes against humanity extend to mass beheadings of children and sexual violence against women and girls.

The flight of the Rohingyas from Myanmar is the largest exodus of refugees in decades. The camps in Bangladesh are home to upwards of 1 million people. Over 600,000 fled Myanmar since August 2017. The vast majority are women and children, with nearly 200,000 under 5s. More than 1 in 3 are classed as vulnerable and at risk of human trafficking and exploitation.

After escaping the violence of the Rakhine province and undertaking a perilous journey, the Rohingya still face desperate conditions. The Rohingya still fear for their lives as they survive in squalor without food, shelter or even vital medical attention.

Global One is one of the few international agencies with government permission to deliver life-saving resources to the Rohingya people within Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

Our Impact

Earlier in the year, we distributed emergency relief supplies, including food packages and non-food items, to 20,000 people in Letha makeshift settlement in Teknaf, Nayapara, Kutupulong and Baluchi in Cox’s Bazar. Global One was also involved in supplying medical intervention, which included basic healthcare to families and communities. Through this distribution, we were able to better understand the basic needs of the Rohingyas and create strong partnerships to continue implementing projects successfully.

We are now working on new projects to provide relief to Rohingyas. To find out more, see Our Campaigns.